Cell Phone Repair Reno Nevada

Cell Phones and other similar devices make our lives more convenient. When any of them breaks, take it to our professionals for fast and reliable repair services.

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Cell Phone Repair Reno Nevada

There are many things you can do with your cell phone, but when it breaks, it would seem that the world has stopped. Take it to Cell Phone Repair Reno Nevada. We have experts in every make and model of mobile phones. From hardware to software issues, we can fix them.

We also fix other similar devices, such as personal computers or gaming consoles. When you have a broken gadget, we are your trusted professionals to get it working again as we have tremendous amounts of experience in the industry. Our team is continuously updated with the latest technology because we all know that new models keep coming.

At Cell Phone Repair Reno Nevada, we provide mobile phone repair that is convenient and affordable. Whether it is a slow working iPhone or a broken screen, our technicians deal with all types of problems to make your phone function and look like a new device again.

Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Superior Price Range

Regardless of what sort of gadgets fixes in Reno, NV you are searching for, you will never find a reasonable cost than at Cell Phone Repair Reno. Even though we offer the best client care and fix involvement with the business, we do not jack our prices high as can be. All that we do is offer the most serious services in the industry. You have better things to bet your cash on, which is why we constantly provide the most minimal costs around- - no contrivances and no hidden charges. If you can locate a superior value anyplace, we can surely beat their offer!


Why Choose Us

Fast & Convenient - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Fast & Convenient

We offer quick and effective repair services to all minor and major devices. Regardless of what make and model your unit is, we can definitely fix it and make it work again for your convenience.

Best Customer Service - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Best Customer Services

Whether your unit is an old model, we will treat it the same with other models of phones. Plus, we give tips to our clients to avoid the issue from happening again, and that saves you money.

Free Diagnostic - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Free Diagnostic

You do not need to worry about paying for checking as we provide free diagnostics for all units. Even though we do not charge you, we inspect your device thoroughly to see what really is causing the problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Satisfaction Guaranteed

One of our main goals is to make sure that we meet our customers needs and demands. This is why we make sure that you are satisfied with our repair services for all types of devices.

High Quality Services - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

High-Quality Services

We provide top-grade quality of repair services to all our customers. We make sure that all materials are top-of-the-line to get the most satisfying results for your phones and other devices.

Expert Staff - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Expert Staff

Our professionals are highly knowledgeable with all devices. No matter what make and model it is, including the latest ones, we have the answer to your questions, and services for all of them.

Get a better quality service to your gadget problems. Talk to our experts today!

Our Clients Say

Client Image - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

"I thought it was my network provider as I was not getting any signals, but after taking it to them, I discovered it was my phone’s hardware. Thanks to them, my phone has full bars wherever I go!"

Daniel R.

Client Image - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

"My laptop usually freezes. After getting their services, My computer is running smoothly. I can work without any worries that my computer will just stop working. Thank you so much guys"

Dianne J.

Client Image - Cellphone Repair Reno NV

"I have some important files stored on my phone. I do not know how to retrieve them. Thanks to their professional services, I got all my data backed up! You are a lifesaver!"

Andrew P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in Reno?

On average, screen repairs would cost around $220. For a device with a warranty, repairs can cost you $29 and can increase to $329. The price may vary depending on the iPhone model you have. Out of warranty, expect to pay around the following prices:

  • iPhone X — $279
  • iPhone XR — $199
  • iPhone XS — $279
  • iPhone XS Max — $329
  • iPhone 7 — $149
  • iPhone 7 Plus — $169

Other damages such as a shattered glass back, for an iPhone XR, will cost $549.

How much does it cost to fix a phone screen in Reno?

For iPhone screen repair, the price can range between $29 to $329, depending on the model. For android phones such as Samsung Galaxy phones, repairs can cost around $50 to $279. Both types of mobile phones can be fixed by a third-party service provider.

How much to replace MacBook pro battery in Reno?

Replacement typically range from $129 to $199, depending on the type of MacBook Pro you own. If your MacBook has been around for a few years and showing signs of use, consider getting it checked. It might be a battery problem.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in Reno?

Replacing the laptop screen can cost you around $200 to $600, including the parts and labor. If your laptop is an older model, it may take time for the new screen and other parts to arrive.

Where can I get my PS4 fixed in Reno?

Get your PS4 fixed at the nearest Sony Center Repair, Local Repair Shop, or send it to a Mail-in Repair Center. The most commonly damaged areas are the HDMI ports, disc drive, etc. Bug infestation and overheating are also common damages for game consoles.