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iPhones are not just for communication but also an important work tool and a great source of entertainment. Our expert team of certified technicians can help you fix your damaged iPhone right away so you may continue your everyday life immediately.

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Quality iPhone Repair Reno

iPhone problems are very common as there is a huge number of iPhone users all over America. It is undeniable that iPhones are one of the best smartphones. They deliver high-quality performance and have great features. However, they also come with various problems, such as cracked screens, charging or battery problems, booting issues, broken speakers, and more. Fortunately, we offer quality iPhone Repair that will help you fix all your iPhone problems.

Here are some of the common iPhone problems we fix:

Stuck Power/Side Buttons

Mishandling, accidents, and aging are often the reason for an iPhone with broken buttons. It is difficult and frustrating to use or activate your phone if its buttons are not functioning. Once the spring in the power button gets broken, you cannot fix it anymore. You may try some tricks to make it function, like poking using a needle; however, this can worsen the situation. If the Warranty is still valid, visit an Apple store to have it fixed, but if not, visit iPhone Repair Reno.

Cellphone Repair Reno NV

Cracked Screen

iPhone users often drop their phones accidentally, causing cracks in their device screens. Fortunately, it is pretty affordable to fix this problem through an Apple store if your phone is under Warranty. But if the Warranty is no longer applicable, this may cost you a lot. You may visit a third-party service provider like us for a less expensive iPhone screen replacement.

Several factors determine the cost of screen repair, such as the phone model and the complexity of damage, whether the LCD layer and the glass are broken. The newer the model, the more expensive it is to fix.

Our technicians are certified and well-trained to fix screen damage; so, we guarantee a fast and efficient screen replacement.


After using your iPhone for a long time, it will start to lag or work slowly. This problem often happens when your RAM is fully used. You may fix this problem by uninstalling unimportant apps you do not often use, deleting photos, videos, and files, and updating your device to the latest software. If none of these helps, it is time for a screen replacement or a software repair.

Maintenance Services: Your home and office computers need to be updated and tuned up regularly. This routine maintenance will not only increase the speed of your computer's functioning but will also help it last longer. The maintenance service is all file cleanup, upgrading and installing new windows or programs, and routine checks.

Our technicians will inspect your phone to determine the cause of the problem and find the best solution.

Whether your iPhone is experiencing a simple or severe problem, it is best to contact a professional to have it checked and fixed to ensure the condition of your device. The three problems mentioned above are only some of the common problems, you may or may not experience these, but there are still other problems you may encounter. Ensure to use your iPhone properly and follow professional advice when fixing it on your own.

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