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Mobile Phones Repair in Reno - Prevent Doing this to Your iPhone

The average smartphone owner prioritizes a few variables, and battery life is at or near the top of nearly every list. We all want a smartphone with a long battery life that will not expire on us at inconvenient moments. As a battery's life begins to dwindle, many smartphone users automatically hunt for answers. Reno Cell Phone Repair is ready to assist you. Our cell phone fixers, which cover a wide range of iPhone and Android products, address various issues, including any charging or battery issues you may be experiencing, such as decreased battery life. Here is a crash course on phone battery life, the dangers of attempting to change a battery on your own, and why our team is best qualified to handle these issues.

Battery Life and Smartphones

As previously said, the plain reality of phone batteries, or any battery for that matter, is that battery life diminishes over time. Batteries do not retain their initial capacity for the duration of their lives; instead, when they are charged and discharged frequently, their ability declines.

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Mobile Phones Repair in Reno notes that certain smartphone manufacturers, including Apple in the past, have provided battery replacement choices for some of their models, while others have not. Even if you can find a new battery that you are confident in, we strongly advise against attempting to replace the battery yourself.

Risks Invalidating Warranties and Insurance

Let us take the iPhone as an example because all new iPhones come with a standard one-year warranty at the time of purchase. This is fantastic! It does, however, come with several critical caveats: Accidental damage, such as dropping your phone in water, cracking the screen, or making another error, is not covered by the guarantee. Other types of harm, including those over which you have greater control will not be covered. Best Phone Repairs Reno points out that as everyone paying attention has undoubtedly worked out by now, opening up the phone to replace the battery does not count as unintentional damage. Rather, it is deliberate damage, the kind you take with full knowledge of the consequences. Unlike the flip phone you might have possessed a decade ago, the process of opening up a phone is substantial, and any little evidence of tampering or even opening the phone can void your warranty.

Furthermore, this action invalidates other types of phone insurance. These are frequently purchased as a means of securing your phone, yet, they normally only cover restricted types of damage, such as purposefully opening the phone without training, comparable to your basic warranty plan.

Battery Replacement Issues

Furthermore, you may not realize how frequently these methods not only breach your warranty or an insurance policy but also provide no genuine battery improvement. Even if you can open the phone and replace the battery without difficulty, which is unlikely considering the level of expertise required, how can you be sure the battery you bought is reliable?

Mobile Phones Repair in Reno explains that merely, you cannot use in most cases. Most phone manufacturers have ceased supplying viable battery replacements, so you will have to explore the secondary market and hope not to be taken advantage of. Because there is no way to tell if a battery is reliable until it's in your phone and working, the risk of a scam increases dramatically.

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